Being involved in a car accident as a pedestrian is both frightening and dangerous. Each year, around 4,000 pedestrians are killed in the United States, usually by vehicles; and another 10,000 pedestrians are injured annually. Although pedestrian safety is an important part of Lancaster’s city and county planning, pedestrian accidents do still occur in Lancaster, such as a recent death of a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle. If you have been hit and injured by a vehicle as a pedestrian, contact a Lancaster pedestrian accident attorney right away to help you with your case.

It is generally safe for pedestrians to walk around neighborhoods if they stay on the sidewalk and use crosswalks when available. However, even the most diligent pedestrians can sometimes be involved in accidents when vehicles on the road fail to pay attention to walkers while they are driving. Many pedestrian accidents occur at night when streets are dimly lit and it can be difficult to see pedestrians in the area. Children are also especially vulnerable to being hurt or killed in accidents if they are outside playing near the road.

There are a number of safety measures that both pedestrians and drivers can follow to try to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents that can occur. Pedestrians should always use sidewalks and crosswalks where available, and they should follow traffic laws by not jaywalking or crossing dangerous and busy intersections while cars are coming. Pedestrians should also be sure to wear high visibility clothing when out walking at night so that they can be seen more easily.

For their part, drivers should be aware that pedestrians are often out walking on the roads at all times of day. They should always give pedestrians the right of way, especially in crosswalks, and they should drive slowly through neighborhoods with walkers or with children playing. For more information on pedestrian safety in Pennsylvania, visit

But sometimes, even despite taking the most safety precautions you can, accidents between cars and pedestrians still occur. And when they do, they can be extremely dangerous, especially for the pedestrian involved. Unlike the driver, the pedestrian does not have the protection that a car can provide. In fact, in most accidents between a vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian is usually hurt or even killed while the driver can walk away from the accident unscathed

Even worse, the injuries that pedestrians often suffer in accidents with vehicles are usually quite severe, especially if the car was driving above the speed limit. The collision could leave the pedestrian with broken bones, cuts, bruises, or even head, brain, or spinal injuries. These injuries can sometimes even prove disabling or, in the most severe cases, fatal. It is critical that if you were hit by a vehicle while out running or walking, that you seek immediate medical attention at a nearby hospital or emergency room.

Unfortunately, taking care of these kinds of injuries can often be painful, lengthy, and expensive. You may require extensive surgery, several days in the hospital, prescription medications, and physical therapy, all of which can add up to be extremely costly. And if your injuries have left you disabled, you may not be able to return to work and earn an income so that you can easily pay those medical bills.

However, a Lancaster pedestrian accident lawyer is ready and available to assist you so that you can have your medical bills covered by the driver’s insurance company. We have handled hundreds of claims like yours, so we will be able to determine if the other driver is at fault and how much your claim is worth. If the other driver was responsible for the accident, then their insurance company is responsible for your medical bills that you incurred after the accident.

We will walk you through the claims process to make sure that your claim is solid. When it comes time to negotiate with the insurance company, we will make sure that they do not try to offer you less than your claim is worth, hoping that you will not know how much you deserve. Our job is to make sure you are treated fairly and that your medical bills are covered because the accident was not your fault. If a loved one has been killed as a pedestrian in an accident, we will also help you file a wrongful death claim.

Don’t let a careless driver leave you in a tight financial situation. Call our offices today.


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    A car carrier overturned in Brecknock Township, near the Lancaster border, on Route 222. The accident closed that stretch of Route 222 and caused major traffic delays in the area for several hours before the accident could be cleared. The accident occurred around 11 in the morning on Route 222 South, very close to the Route 272 and Adamson interchange near Berks County, and the Denver interchange for the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in Lancaster County. As a result of the accident, the front end of the car carrier rolled onto its side in the median that was covered in snow, and the driver of the car carrier was trapped inside. He was stuck inside the front cab for about an hour before officials could rescue him. He was then taken to the nearby Reading Hospital. There has been no word on his injuries or his current status. A few of the cars that were being transported on the carrier fell off in the crash, meaning that officials responding to the accident had to move these cars individually before they could move the trailer and upright the front end to rescue the driver inside. Because of the accident, officials from Berks County and Lancaster County had to close Route 222 at the Adamson interchange and had to reroute traffic onto Route 272 / North Reading Road for over three and a half hours until the accident could be completely cleared. Southbound drivers were told to get on Route 272 South to bypass […]

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    A crash that occurred early in the morning on Route 30 in Lancaster County between two tractor trailers left four people injured, took down two traffic lights, and left a few utility poles damaged as well. Around 5 o’clock in the morning, a tractor trailer carrying 45,000 pounds of hybrid corn seed evidently failed to slow down enough while exiting off of Route 30 onto Lincoln Highway. It then hit the back of another tractor trailer, when it then veered off the road, hit another car and a pickup truck, and finally crashed into a utility pole. This occurred near Oakview Road in East Lampeter Township, near the Lancaster County Pennsylvania State Police barracks right by where Route 30 becomes Lincoln Highway East. The driver of the truck that veered off the road has been identified by police as Darryl Dixon, 36, of Philadelphia. He was listed as in serious condition at Lancaster General Hospital. The driver of the tractor trailer that was hit is Robert Naugle, 30, of Shippensburg. He was evidently not hurt in the collision. The driver of the car that was struck is Milton Myrick, 48, of Marietta, and he was evidently hurt in the accident. The driver of the pickup truck is David Ebling, 31, of York, and he was evidently not hurt. Witnesses at a nearby McDonald’s stated that they heard a loud noise and saw a damaged truck and wires hanging from the utility pole. Officials stated it would take hours to repair […]

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    An Amish woman from West Lampeter Township was seriously injured when her horse drawn buggy collided with a vehicle in East Lampeter Township. She was taken to Lancaster General Hospital and her situation has evidently improved slightly, from serious to fair, since the collision but is still suffering from her injuries. Rebecca Fisher, 27, was riding in her horse drawn buggy around 9:30 AM with her three daughters, ages 3 years, 21 months, and 4 months, when the vehicle hit her buggy while she was out riding on Route 896. Her youngest daughter was in a car seat. The vehicle, driven by 21 year old Matthew Tyler Maynard of Paradise, Pennsylvania, veered into the lane of oncoming traffic when it struck the buggy and later hit a light pole. The collision occurred at Joyce Lane, about half a mile north of Route 30. Maynard suffered from injuries to his face and head but was released from Lancaster General a few days later. The three children are reported to be in good condition at the Hershey Medical Center. Fisher and her daughters were thrown out of the closed buggy during the collision. The buggy was completely destroyed in the accident. There is no evidence that Fisher was involved in the crash, and there is no word about if Maynard will face any charges for the accident, but the police are not ruling out any causes for the accident. The horse ran from the accident and died in a driveway near the […]

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